“Like any parent, I worry about how I can support my children in what can be a frightening world. Bowden-Jones’s book lucidly and brilliantly sets out the truth about drugs and should be required reading for anyone who cares about our children’s future – in other words, all of us.”

Rachel Kelly / Writer, Journalist & Mental Health Campaigner

“We meet many parents who are thrown by what they hear about drug availability today. Even if they have had experience of drugs themselves things seem different now. This book enables sensitive ways into having the conversation about drugs that parents otherwise feel flummoxed by.”

Jan King / Chief Executive, Angelus Foundation

“Get this book now… I work as a young people’s substance misuse worker and this book has some great advice. I am recommending to all parents who call and are seeking help and advice from the service. We need more books like this to guide parents on having healthy open conversations about activities that young people are exposed to in order to help them to make healthier choices form themselves …”

Mrs T. J. Allen / Amazon Review

“Have recommended it to the head of school I work… Very informative. I bought to help me discuss drugs, knowledgeably, with my 13-year-old son. Have recommended it to the Head of the school I work for as I found it such a helpful tool. It not only goes into why young people/people may decide to take drugs, what they do to you, as well as all the details about the drugs themselves. Highly recommend.”

Els / Amazon Review

“A proper conversation about drugs and teens. Brilliantly explained and helpful book whether you are a parent talking to a 12 year old to educate, a 16 year old already having problems or you are a drug user yourself looking for more information and a way out. Adolescents look like they don’t need parenting but really they need a new style of parenting – proper conversation about the drugs around them and good, solid, information. Recommended for parents who realise that life isn’t mistake free and often you have to look for the manual. This is the manual.”

Mrs P. Collie Cousins / Amazon Review

“Every parent should have this book in their back pocket. This is the book parents have been waiting for: everything you need to know about recreational drugs and how to begin a conversation with your children about it. Very good chapter on legal highs and their risks which is missing from other resources, as well as information on how the drugs work on the body and mind, with useful pictures too.”

Vivienne Smith / Amazon Review

“Excellent book. Very informative and clear practical advice for parents”

Amazon Customer / Amazon Review

“Informative, well-researched and infused with real-life examples, this book provides parents with an invaluable understanding of adolescence and drugs – what is out there, why teenagers are vulnerable, what the risk factors and early warning signs are and importantly how and why parents need to talk to their child before problems arise. Vital reading for all parents.”

Janey Downshire & Naella Grew / Authors of Teenagers Translated

“Parents can play a vital role in both preventing their children’s drug or alcohol misuse, and in supporting them if problems arise. The Drug Conversation provides accurate information about substances and the risks associated with use, delivered in a calm and non-judgmental way this book can help parents support young people to learn the skills to avoid the harms associated with substance misuse. Evidence suggests that, contrary to popular belief, parents are key influences of young people’s behaviour. By ensuring that dialogue is always open, and honest, by sharing fears and setting boundaries, and by communicating a sense of trust in their children, parents are far more likely to influence young people towards a cautious view of substance use, and reassure them of sympathetic support if they do develop problems.”

Viv Evans / CEO AdFam