About Dr Owen Bowden-Jones

My name is Owen Bowden-Jones and I am a medical doctor, psychiatrist and researcher with more than 20 years experience of helping people with mental health and substance misuse problems on their journey to recovery.

Clinically, I work in both NHS and private practice, with expertise in substance misuse problems, depression, anxiety problems, attention deficit disorder (ADHD), obsessive-compulsive disorder and trauma.

In 2010, I founded the CNWL Club Drug Clinic, a service specialising in helping people with problem use of drugs such as mephedrone, ketamine, synthetic cannabis, MDMA and emerging drugs. The clinic is known for its ground-breaking approaches to treating drug problems.

As a researcher, I am an Honorary Senior Lecturer at Imperial College London and my research focuses on developing innovative treatments for substance misuse problems. I currently lead project NEPTUNE, which has brought together clinical experts to develop guidelines for emerging drugs problems. My research has been widely presented at national and international conferences including to the UK Government, European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Abuse (EMCDDA), Group of Seven (G7) meeting and the United Nations.

My national roles include clinical adviser to the Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco division at Public Health England and Associate Registrar for Policy Support at the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

As a psychiatrist, I believe passionately in engaging people in conversations about drug use. I have spoken on the subject of drugs, particularly club drugs, to diverse audiences including festivals, universities, schools, the ambulance service, prisons and the Home Affairs Committee. Engaging with the media, I have contributed to articles for the Guardian, Independent, Observer, Times, Economist and Vice as well as appearing on BBC, Channel 4 and ITV. In 2015, I was awarded the Communicator of the Year prize by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Book 'The Drug Conversation'

In 2016, I published ‘The Drug Conversation’, a book written for parents, sharing my experience of helping adolescents with drug problems. The book answers the questions many parents have asked me including ‘how can I tell if my child is using drugs’, ‘what types of problems do different drugs cause?’ and ‘how do drugs work in the brain?’ The book is published by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Voluntary Roles

Voluntary roles include providing expert clinical opinion to the Amy Winehouse Foundation and Angelus Foundation.

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