Dr Owen Bowden-Jones

Welcome to my website. My name is Owen Bowden-Jones and I am a medical doctor, psychiatrist and researcher with more than 20 years experience of helping people with mental health and substance misuse problems.

In 2016, I published "The Drug Conversation", a book written for parents, sharing my experience of helping adolescents with drug problems on their journey to recovery.

As a psychiatrist, I believe passionately in engaging people in conversations about drug use and hope that this book will form part of that conversation.


The Drug Conversation: How to talk to your child about drugs

Drugs have never been more available and your child is almost certain to come across them at some point, often with little idea of the risks. 

We need to talk with our children about drugs - talking before they come across drugs can help them make better choices - but it's not always straightforward. 

This book gives you advice on ways to have this important conversation.

Rachel Kelly Writer, Journalist
& Mental Health Campaigner

Like any parent, I worry about how I can support my children in what can be a frightening world. Bowden-Jones's book lucidly and brilliantly sets out the truth about drugs and should be required reading for anyone who cares about our children's future - in other words, all of us.

Jan King Chief Executive, Angelus Foundation

We meet many parents who are thrown by what they hear about drug availability today. Even if they have had experience of drugs themselves things seem different now. This book enables sensitive ways into having the conversation about drugs that parents otherwise feel flummoxed by.